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Portable LCD Digital Travel Scale

  • $29.00


  • 【Simple operation 】The unit of measurement can be switched at will ( lb, g, oz, kg ) with just one button.The measurement error of the electronic scale is about 30 g ( 0.07 lb ).Portable and practical

  • 【Multifunction】Lanyard and hook can be used in exchange, equivalent to the use of two travel scales, after exchange shutdown restart, will not affect the measurement results.Electronic scale with peeled function, lcd backlight display, clear and readable, can be used in the day and night.You can lock the weight, you can also lift the weight.

  • 【Size】Three Dimensions About 14.5×4.7×2.9cm( main part ), belt length : about 21.5 cm.Weight of portable electronic scale : about 99g. The stainless steel surface is designed according to the ergonomics, so the hanging words are suitable for people's palms, which make people feel comfortable, very popular.

  • 【Scope of use】Suitcase electronic scale, small size, light weight, easy to carry, it will not give you the weight and the volume of travel too much trouble. This product is suitable for fishing, shopping, travel, home, courier and so on.Suitable for christmas, halloween gifts, etc.

  • 【High accuracy 】The maximum measuring weight is 50kg , and you can easily measure it in most countries, and do not have to be afraid to pay more for postage when traveling overseas. In the measurement process, please keep the balance, the measured value can be accurate, shaking will make the data unstable.

  • Easy to carry it in a pocket or handbag for weighting on travel